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Contrary to what you might think, there is an uncomplicated, proven way to trade and generate consistent, significant profit. Options trading is the most versatile asset on the market, allowing for high percentage gains on low capital. Learn how to trade options on large-cap stocks, starting with as little as $250.

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Options Trading Course

Find your path to profitability today. Through live examples and easy to follow videos you can navigate your way to being consistently profitable. Learn the basics of trading and strategies you can use.

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Options Trading Alerts

Follow along and learn in real time with our trade signals. We provide our entries and exits to help you expedite your path to profitability. Along with this, you can get direct help on analysis at any time!

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Community of Traders

Community of Option Traders

Our team of option traders gives you the resources to succeed; all you need to do is reach out and take it! Join our team of 1,400+ members.

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Options Trading Mentorship

Work with our options trading mentor, Justin Erpenbach, one-on-one to address a specific trading issue or refine your investment strategy.

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Five Star Reviews

"It is awesome to be part of the Simplified Investing team! Justin is always available to answer any questions you might have and has really good call-outs on a daily basis. Definitely worth the monthly subscription."

Kenan Alic

Five Star Reviews

"Great experience. I've been in multiple trading groups, and this one is by far the best. I was able to double my account in less than a week. Great videos for teaching and overall a great group to learn from. Great call outs for day trading, scalping, and swing trading."

Paul Coffman

Five Star Reviews

"Really good team and community. Traders of all levels present along with some very advanced traders to help you out along your journey! Focused on winning as a group not individually. Highly recommend!"

Jafiah Edwards

Five Star Reviews

"At first, seeing the results he posts on Instagram I was obviously very skeptical, but just as interested. I joined the team after asking a lot of questions and on my first day made a good profit. I highly recommend joining if you seek further understanding of stock market patterns or just people to help you out along the way. Amazing!"

Ryan Michalak

Five Star Reviews

"I've been a member of this group for about a year now and can confidently that this is the only trading group where you can learn to be a self-sufficient trader with high probability set-ups. Justin also gives out daily alerts for his day trades so everyone on the team can see the success of a real experienced trader in real-time. I have learned an immense amount of knowledge from this group. I can't recommend this enough."

Robert Kreloff

Five Star Reviews

"I've been with three different trading groups over the last four years of investing. This is the only group that has a good mix of swing trade call outs and minute to minute daily trades and scalps. It's a great group to learn from and the live sessions are extremely helpful for Q&A. All of the Admins are extremely active and very quick to respond. The sky is the limit trading with this group, you just have to be patient, be serious about learning, and determine what trading style and level of risk works for you. All trading styles work with this group. I'm a huge fan!"

Jason Hollins

Five Star Reviews

"When I started trading, I had very little knowledge of trading. That has all changed because of SimplifiedInvesting. Not every day is going to be a good day of trading due to market conditions, but this account turned my $200 investment to over $3k. You do not need a big account for being a successful trader. Any question you have, Simplified Investing is always there to answer. Glad I joined!"

Kian Saidi

Five Star Reviews

"Just joined earlier this week, and I'm already up $600! Awesome support from not only the administrators but also others in the group. I've already learned so much! I would recommend for anyone, novice or beginners."

Luke Fiscus

Five Star Reviews

"I have joined a few option trading chats over the past few years. All with their strengths and weaknesses. I must say this has been the best group I have been a part of. Understand, no chat is a get rich quick. You must still manage your own account. That being said, almost every call is profitable and there have been plenty of 100% opportunities. I hands down recommended this group! I look forward to profiting and growing with you all."

Daniel Sharp