Options Trading Course

Are you struggling with trading? Feeling lost, helpless, and like you are not make progress? I have created this course to give you the structure and content to improve your trading. I've put my years of trading experience into this course to provide you with a resource that will generate results.

Find Your Edge with the Aide of Live Lectures and Examples

Learn profitable trading strategies you can use today, including:

  • Introduction to Day Trading
  • Market Basics and Option Basics
  • Platform Setup and Organization
  • Technical Analysis A-Z
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Reading the Tape with Live Examples
  • Day Trading Strategies with Live Examples
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology
  • Trading Plan and Importance
  • Trading Exercises to Improve
  • Developing an Edge
  • Continuous Learning and Resources

Course Curriculum

Introduction To Day Trading

Market/Options Basics

Intro To Trading Platform

Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Reading The Tape

Trade Strategies

Advanced Platform & Optimization

Risk Management


Trading Plan


Developing An Edge

LIVE Trade Reviews

Continuous Learning

New section

Online Options Trading Course

Learn How to Read Price Action

There are so many videos and resources out there that talk about how to read price action but no one actually goes into how to trade it. We provide in-depth analysis for you to start understanding how to read charts and gain confidence in your trading.

Risk Management

Risk management is without a doubt one of the most important aspects into day trading. Without having ample risk management in place it is almost certain you will fail. Utilize our risk of ruin exercise, loss exercises and countless lectures on risk management to help you stay in the game. These include: max loss principles, daily loss limits, criteria to size up etc.

Trading Strategies

Learn profitable day trading strategies with step-by-step rules and examples. We walk through selecting strategies so you can start trading today.

Reading the Tape

There is no greater skill in the stock market than being able to read the tape. Get an upper hand advantage on other traders by understanding how to truly read price. Coupled with several live examples you will be able to read the tape in no time!


Our exercises and lectures show you how to start becoming better at trading psychology. As you know, this is where most beginners get stuck. We provide solutions to this throughout our course.